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Children & Family
Public Programs
Children's Classes
Public Programs
Aquatics & SCUBA
Children & Family
Intramural Sports
Team Building / Leadership
Rock Gym
Sport Clubs
Outdoor Recreation
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Program Offerings

Browse through your category of interest for the recreational activities Rutgers Recreation currently offers to students, children, and the general public:

Discover the excitement of the aquatic world.
Rutgers Recreation can assist you with guidance in your quest for fitness.
Over 50 intramural sports leagues with various levels of competition.
Developing leadership and team-building skills through adventure based training.
Outdoor Recreation
Teaching outdoor skills and judgment for lifelong recreation and fitness.
Children's Classes
Teaching children skills and activities that they can enjoy for life.
Instructional Classes
Rutgers Recreation offers classes for Rutgers affiliates and the general public.
Sports Clubs
Student run organizations  to develop skills and improve their performance.
Equipment Rental
If We Own It, We Loan It!
Keller Cup (Fraternity)
Yearlong competition open to legitimate members of IFC fraternities.
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