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Welcome to the Recreation Class Program

We offer classes and trips covering activities in aquatics, dance, group fitness, holistic health, martial arts, outdoor recreation, sports and yoga.

All classes are open to current Rutgers full-time students and employees, and to spouses and alumni who purchase Recreation Memberships.

Some classes are also open to the general public, including alumni who have not purchased Memberships. For more information on Memberships and eligibility, click HERE.

For information on programs for children, click HERE.

In order to see a listing of classes that are open to you, click on the appropriate tab, below.

  • Rutgers Full-Time Student:
    • Undergraduate
    • Graduate
  • Rutgers Full-Time Employees
  • Recreation Membership Purchasers:
    • Alumni
    • Spouses of alumni, students, or full-time employees
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  • Not a current full-time student or employee of Rutgers University
  • Not an alumnus who has purchased a Recreation Membership
  • Not a spouse who has purchased a Recreation Membership
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