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September 7, 2014 2-6pm


We are no longer accepting


registration for the RU MUDDY.

 Sign up for the wait list.

Waiting List


A MUDDY 3.5 mile run that begins off of Postal Road on Livingston Campus and runs through the Intramural fields and the Ecological Preserve and is filled with obstacles, trail running and of course the MUD PIT.  There will be natural obstacles, water crossings, hills, tires, wall climbs, spider webs, tunnel crawls and hurdles as well as some fun “surprise” obstacles to keep you on your toes.  There will be festivities afterwards including DJ, food, drink, tire flip challenges, pull up competition and other fun activities.  Bring a friend or two to run with you or cheer you on and join us for the fun filled MUDDY day!!

Many of you may ask how tough is the RU MUDDY? It can be as tough and challenging as you want it to be. We have designed this course so that competitive runners can challenge themselves. However, we invite beginner/novice runners or walkers to participate.  Those who are up for the challenge will run as much of this course as possible and tackle every obstacle.  For those who just want to have fun, take your time on the course and enjoy the scenery while overcoming the obstacles with the help of your friends!!  This event will not be officially timed so there will not be winners. However, for those who are competitive we will have a clock on the course so that you can track your own time.

We will also be providing showers and fire trucks at the end of the run to help you clean off. We do ask that you use our showers and water supply to clean off as much mud as possible, especially before going back into your dorms or getting on the buses. We will be providing an area for disposal of sneakers and we will have flip flops for the first 300 participants who hand in their sneakers.

Watch our videos of previous years to see what the RU MUDDY is all about and check out our photos!!


**Please note that the RU MUDDY is the culminating event of Welcome Week and will be held earlier in the semester than previously. **

Race Day: Sunday, September 7, 2014

Festivities:                    2-6pm

RU MUDDY Start Time:         3pm



REGISTRATION FOR ALL STUDENTS IS NOW OPEN!! First 1000 participants only!!

 RU MUDDY - Register Here 

First Year Students                       Tuesday, August 12th  

All other students/faculty/staff     Friday, August 15  

Race Limit                                     First 1000 runners

Waves                                           10 waves of 100 runners

Wave Times                                  3:00, 3:05, 3:10, 3:15, 3:20, 3:25, 3:30, 3:35, 3:40. 3:45


Price Students                              $20

Price Non Students                       $30

No race day registration


The RU MUDDY needs a lot of support and volunteers to make this event work.  We are looking for a large number of volunteers and are hoping you can help us.  As a volunteer you will receive a Volunteer Shirt.  The only volunteer time slot available at this time is the final time slot of 2-6:30.  If you are willing to volunteer for this you will not be able to run the RU Muddy.  If you are willing and able to do this, please come to the volunteer table by 2pm on Sunday and we will get you set up.  We appreciate your support.

Course Marshall/Clean Up 2:00-6:30pm

Thank you for your help and we are looking for a fun filled, muddy day!!


The RU MUDDY will begin Check In at 2pm on Sunday, September 7th. The first wave will go off at 3pm and will continue in 5 minute increments.  Check In can be found on Postal Road next to the old Surplus Building. The start line will right across the street from the Check In Area.  All participants will be given a wrist band indicating their waves and you must line up in the correct wave. Keep wrist bands on as you will need them for food and drink at the finish. 

The course will begin on Postal Road and go into Rutgers Recreation intramural Fields, go through the grassy area with the white wall, enter the Ecological Preserve, and return and finish in the grassy area with the white wall.  The finish line will be in front of the white wall with showers located right after the finish for your convenience.

Water will be available in the parking lot of the Ecological Preserve.  You will pass through the parking lot multiple times during your run so you will have plenty of time to get water if thirsty.

First Aid will be available at all times during this event.  We will have trained EMT’s on the course in the Start/Finish of the run. There will also be multiple EMT’s located on the course with ambulances if an injury does occur.  If you need assistance at any point, please go directly to one of the ambulances or personnel located on the course.  Because there will be some areas of the course not in view of staff or EMS, we ask that if someone is hurt and needs assistance, you go to the nearest staff and let them know where the person is hurt. We will have many volunteers on the course for support and help.  Remember, this is a fun, community event and we weed to help everyone get through the run safely!! 

Enjoy music, food and activities at the end of our run!!


The RU MUDDY is partnering with USAgain to collect shoes for recycling and reuse. Swing by the USAgain tent after the race in the festival area to drop off your reusable shoes. Shoes collected at the RU MUDDY will be given a second life by people around the world.  

The first 300 people to donate shoes will receive a pair of Rutgers Flip Flops to wear home. Consider bringing an extra pair of shoes to wear home in case you don't get a pair of flip flop!!


After running the RU MUDDY, please join us in our festival area for some fun activities and refreshments. DJ Che' will be providing music for the RU MUDDY. We will have showers and firetrucks to clean yourselves off. We will have a variety of refreshments provided by Rutgers Recreation and other sponsors.  Be ready for our Mud Bath Pool to take personal photos or photos with your friends.  

We will have the following:

Pullup Station US Marines

Tire Flip Rutgers Recreation - Get ready for the RU STRONG

Monster Corn Hole Rutgers Recreation

Monster Ladder Toss Rutgers Recreation

Mud Bath Pool Photo Area Rutgers Recreation

Kite & Key Table Kite & Key

Nutrition Bars Quest Nutrition

Italian Ices Rutgers Recreation


 View Course Map

Like Rutgers Rec to enjoy updates for the event and post race pictures!!

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