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Guest Passes
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Guest Passes

  • Guest must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Guest pass is valid for one visit.
  • Member must surrender their ID, guest pass and guest's drivers's license (or other ID with photo and date of birth) at the front desk during the course of the guest's stay.
  • Maximum number of guests is 3 per member per visit.
  • Guests may only use open recreation facilities.
  • Faculty/Staff/Members may buy a single pass for $10 or a card of 6 for $50.
  • Students may buy a single pass for $5 or a card of 6 for $25.
  • No refunds.

Guest passes may be purchased at any of our facilities, either at the front desks of the Cook/Douglass Recreation Center, Rutgers Fitness Center or the main offices of the Werblin Recreation Center, Livingston Recreation Center, or College Avenue Gym.

For more information, call us at the following office phone numbers:

  • Sonny Werblin Recreation Center: 848-445-0462
  • Livingston Recreation Center: 848-445-2398
  • Cook/Douglass Recreation Center: 848-932-8600
  • College Avenue Gymnasium: 848-932-8204


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